MoldStat Plus is also an excellent choice for the cleaning and disinfection of pet areas including bird cages and reptile tanks, dog kennels, litter pans, etc., provided that items are thoroughly rinsed after cleaning.

Most common household cleaners have not been tested by the EPA to prove their effectiveness against pathogens such as Salmonella, as well as against many other common bacteria, viruses, and even fungi like mold as MoldStat Plus has been.  Try Mold-Stat Plus today to ensure that your food preparation areas are safe from the potential transmission of disease-causing bacteria such as Salmonella.



Another great option for frequent or large surface disinfection is Viraquard, an easy ready-to-use liquid that is also EPA certified as effective against Salmonella. And, if you are worried about personal disinfection, or the disinfection and sanitization of small shared surfaces, then Viraguard hand wipes are the perfect pocket or purse sized solution to everything from hands to shopping cart handles.

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