Other means for the prevention of Typhoid Fever are similar to the prevention of other Salmonella serovars, but specifically include the following steps:

  • Avoid risky foods and drinks.
  • If you drink water, buy it bottled or bring it to a rolling boil for 1 minute before you drink it. Bottled carbonated water is safer than uncarbonated water.
  • Ask for drinks without ice unless the ice is made from bottled or boiled water. Avoid popsicles and flavored ices that may have been made with contaminated water.
  • Eat foods that have been thoroughly cooked and that are still hot and steaming.
  • Avoid raw vegetables and fruits that cannot be peeled. Vegetables like lettuce are easily contaminated and are very hard to wash well.
  • When you eat raw fruit or vegetables that can be peeled, peel them yourself.  Wash your hands with soap first.  Do not eat the peelings.
  • Avoid foods and beverages from street vendors. It is difficult for food to be kept clean on the street, and many travelers get sick from food bought from street vendors.


Preventing the Spread of Salmonella in the Home

Environmental contact, including in the home, is the most common means by which pathogenic Salmonella is spread.  The presence of these bacteria could mean that sanitation methods are inadequate and you and your family could be at risk for illness.  Fortunately, it is easy to eliminate Salmonella from your home environment by using Mold-Stat Plus.  MoldStat Plus is actually registered with the EPA to kill Salmonella (including Thyphi) in laboratory tests.

Mold-Stat Plus is highly concentrated so you are not spending money on lots of water as you do with many commercial ready to use (RTU) cleaners.  And, a small amount can do a big job.  Unlike cleaners that include bleach, MoldStat Plus is safe for many surfaces.  You can use it to sanitize both hard, non-porous surfaces as well as items such as fabrics or kitchen towels.  MoldStat Plus won’t harm most items even if they are not colorfast.  It comes with specific instructions for use in food preparation environments such as home or commercial kitchens.

MoldStat Plus can also be used to clean food storage areas, including refrigerators that have stored raw and potentially contaminated meat, prior to the storage of cooked or ready to eat foods, or foods that will be consumed uncooked such as vegetables and fruits, provided that a thorough rinse is employed before use.

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