To kill influenza viruses, along with a wide range of other disease causing organisms, on surfaces in the home or in public institutions, the MoldStat family of products is also EPA registered as proven effective. MoldStat comes in an easy ready to use formula that is ideal for home use on a routine basis in every room. For larger or more frequent jobs, MoldStat Plus is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. MoldStat Plus is safe for practically any household surface, including potentially non-colorfast fabrics, so it is easy to disinfect your entire household for literally pennies per cleaning. And MoldStat Plus features a light and pleasant scent, completely unlike most commercial grade disinfectants.


Why Commercial Establishments Should Prevent Influenza Virus Infections

Any establishment that is frequented by the public can benefit from the use of a disinfectant proven to kill influenza viruses as a step towards protecting clients. Institutions such as healthcare facilities, physical therapy and doctor’s offices, day care and nursery settings, gyms, and retail establishments can all help clients and customers avoid illness through the routine use of MoldStat Plus or bulk Viraguard. The low cost of these disinfectants makes them attractive in a financial sense and their effectiveness is unparalled in a scientific sense. Customers who are ill with influenza are not likely to be utilizing services resulting in lost revenue, so an infection prevented not only builds confidence in your institutions commitment to public safety, it also can help the bottom line. And any healthcare facility must be concerned about disease transmission due to the likelihood that infected people will be seeking services. Proper disinfection breaks the chain of transmission and keeps patients, and staff, safe from potentially time-losing illnesses or even more severe consequences.

Let Help Against Influenza!

Influenza can be hard to avoid but the folks at are ready to help prevent infections and potentially serious disease whenever and wherever you need. Give them a try today!

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