While most people who suffer from an influenza infection are quite miserable for about two weeks but recover on their own, some people, especially the elderly, the immune compromised, and the very young can die from influenza infections, especially if the infection results in pneumonia, an infection of the lower lungs. Influenza results in the annual hospitalization of hundreds of thousands and the deaths of tens of thousands each year. While relatively common, it remains an infection to be taken seriously and avoided if at all possible.

Influenza Transmission

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Influenza viruses spread through respiratory droplets. This can happen through direct exposure to an infected person but more commonly influenza viruses are acquired through shared surface contact. Surfaces become contaminated with the respiratory droplets of an infected person and uninfected people touch those surfaces and then touch their nose, eyes, or mouth, spreading the infection. This form of transmission is quite efficient and since we cannot completely avoid sharing surfaces, short of barricading ourselves in our homes, which is not a viable option for the vast majority of people, methods of preventing transmission through shared surface contact become essential and remain one of the best lines of defense against influenza, along with seasonal vaccination. for Prevention of Influenza

While many products either claim to kill influenza viruses, or are popularly thought to do so, only a relative few have actually undergone laboratory testing and the EPA registration process to prove their ability to kill a variety of influenza viruses including those of bird and human origin. is proud to be an authorized retailer of several products that feature EPA registration and demonstrated proof of kill effectiveness against exactly such strains of influenza.

Viraguard Kills Influenza Viruses


Viraguard handwipes are an excellent and easy to carry and use solution to concerns about shared surface contamination. The wipes are easy to use on surfaces such as shopping cart handles, airplane armrests, public counters or any other shared surface as well as on your hands after such contact has occurred. The special formulation of Viraguard is not only effective against a wide range of potential pathogens, including influenza viruses, but it also contains a pleasant light scent and emollients that are safe and comforting for your hands. For institutions and large jobs, Viraguard is conveniently available in liquid bulk sizes. Simply spray and wipe, job done!

MoldStat Family Kills Influenza Viruses


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