Tuberculosis (TB)

Viraguard Gallon

CleanerToday Has the Solution to Your Tuberculosis Concerns

Fortunately, selecting a cleaner and disinfectant that has undergone the strict EPA testing and certification process is easy when you work with the good folks at through their easy to use and up to date website. They offer several variations of the Viraguard family of products, all of which are EPA tested and certified as effective against tuberculosis on both human hands and on environmental surfaces. Viraguard handwipes easily clean and disinfect hands as well as small shared surfaces around the house and on the go, including such items as shopping cart handles, door knobs, and even airline seat armrests to mention just a few. The handwipes are packaged for single use, are easily transportable, lightweight, and allowed everywhere. For larger or more frequent cleaning jobs around the house or especially in healthcare settings, Viraguard is available in a gallon bulk size that is very economical and easy to use. You simply spray, wipe, and tuberculosis contamination is gone just like that. Nothing could be easier and there is no cumbersome dilution required. Viraguard arrives ready to use and ready to eliminate dozens of potentially disease causing organisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, all in one wipe, as tested and certified by the EPA. If you have concerns about personal or environmental contamination with potentially dangerous organisms, visit right away for quick and easy solutions to these potential problems. Give them a try today!wipes1


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