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Fortunately, the good folks at CleanerToday have a solution to concerns about coronavirus contamination on shared surfaces through MoldStat Plus!  MoldStat Plus is one of the few cleaners and disinfectants actually proven effective in laboratory tests against coronaviruses, including the variant proven to cause SARS!  MoldStat Plus is also registered with the EPA as effective against coronaviruses, providing an additional measure of comfort and secure knowledge about the ability of MoldStat Plus to protect you.  MoldStat Plus is available in a convenient ready-to-use formula that you simply spray, wipe, and forget about coronavirus contamination, as well as in highly concentrated form for very large jobs or for institutions.


MoldStat Plus is mild enough to be used on most any household surface, even on fabrics or carpeting.  MoldStat Plus has a light and pleasant scent, completely unlike the heavy chemical or bleach smell commonly associated with disinfectants.  Anyone concerned about potential contamination with the very common and disease causing coronaviruses could and would benefit from the use of MoldStat Plus.  Give it a try today through!

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