For large or frequent commercial, or household, cleaning and disinfecting, as well as for use in the laundry, which is critical in a comprehensive program of Trichophyton eradication in both commercial and home settings, due the known possibility of transmission through towels and other fabrics, MoldStat Plus is a highly concentrated choice that has effectiveness equal to MoldStat Barrier. A little bit of this product goes a very long way and proves to be quite economical and convenient compared to other cleaners and disinfectants that may, or more likely do not, have the proven and registered effectiveness of the MoldStat family of products. And, unlike most any other disinfectant or cleaner that might have effectiveness against Trichophyton, MoldStat Plus can be used safely in the washing machine with colorfast, and non-colorfast clothing, towels and other fabrics. MoldStat Plus, and MoldStat Barrier can even be used on carpets and upholstery, surfaces that could become contaminated with Trichophyton, but which might not be able to withstand other cleaners and disinfectants. Plus there is no need to worry about a heavy chemical smell since the MoldStat family features a light and pleasant scent.


Viraguard Solutions to Trichophyton

Another proven and registered effective option for disinfecting pre-cleaned surfaces, or for personal hand, or even foot, hygiene, available from CleanerToday is the Viraguard family of products. Viraguard is available in bulk quantities for the quick and effective disinfection and elimination of Trichophyton, and many other pathogens, from many surfaces in household settings. In addition, Viraguard is available in hand wipe format for personal cleaning and also for a quick and easy means of disinfecting potentially contaminated surfaces anywhere in the home or outside.wipes1

CleanerToday Can Eliminate Trichophyton!

Whichever option, or options, you choose as most ideal for your circumstances, a quick visit to provides an easy one-stop solution to your cleaning, disinfecting and especially your Trichophyton elimination needs through their family of proven and EPA-registered effective infection prevention products.

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