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Tricophyton can also infect the hair anywhere on your body and this usually causes hair to be brittle and for the adjacent skin to itch. In addition, Trichophyton can infect the surface layers of the skin most anywhere on the body, but most commonly this occurs in the groin area and on the bottoms of the feet. These conditions are most commonly known by their colloquial names, respectively, of jock itch and athlete’s foot. Trichophyton can also infect the nails, most often the toenails but also the finger nails, leading to very thick and sometimes orange tinted nails that easily break off. The skin manifestations tend to be quite itchy and have a burning sensation, while the nail infections are usually just quite unsightly.

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Athlete’s foot and jock itch, as the names imply, are common among athletic people, but they could occur in anyone. These fungi commonly infect active people for several reasons. Active people are often sweaty people due to physical exertion, a practice that is good for everyone. Sweat provides the moisture fungi need to grow. Fungi also like to grow on the tiles and other floor surfaces of gym showers and locker rooms in both posh health clubs as well as schools, environments where bare feet are common. The fungi can also infect clothing and towels, and if these are shared without proper cleaning and disinfection, the fungi can easily spread from one person to the next. People who are infected outside the home, say at a gym, can easily bring the fungi home of their feet or clothing and spread it to household members through shared showers floors, towels, or clothing. While it may not be practical to eliminate Trichophyton from all environments, it can be controlled in the home, as well as in institutions, through cleaning and disinfection with an agent proven to be effective against Trichophyton. The problem is that most of the common cleaners have not gone to the considerable trouble and expense of having their products tested and certified as effective against Trichophyton, so it can be difficult for business owners and householders alike to know which products they can trust to control Trichophyton on surfaces and fabrics. Fortunately for business owners and householders alike, CleanerToday has several proven effective, tested and registered with the EPA solutions to potential household or commercial contamination with Trichophyton!

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MoldStat Solutions to Trichophyton Contamination

MoldStat Barrier is an easy, convenient, and ready to use cleaner and disinfectant that is proven effective as registered with the EPA against Trichophyton. You simply spray, wipe, and Trichophyton contamination is eliminated on practically any household surface. While MoldStat Barrier is deadly to Trichophyton, it is mild and safe for most any surface. And, perhaps best of all, MoldStat Barrier is a residual disinfectant, which means that it will continue to kill Trichophyton on contact even hours later, after the product has long since dried or been wiped away. This provides long-lasting and simple protection for you and your family without costly and time consuming repeat applications.

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