The list of locations and environments that should be concerned about staph, especially MRSA, is seemingly endless, but should include, although not limited to: schools, pre-schools, daycare, gyms, physical therapy offices, doctor’s offices, nursing and rehabilitation homes, and any other location where multiple individuals handle items with their bare skin, especially hands.

Eradicating Staph!

Given the widespread nature of staph infections, especially those caused by CA-MRSA, it is more important than ever to ensure that our environment, and ourselves, are as clean and sanitized as possible. This is especially true since the staph bacteria are so hardy on environmental surfaces, which increases our risk for infection from environmental sources. Fortunately, CleanerToday has several options capable of eradicating Staphylococcus from your environment and person, all with proven and demonstrated EPA-certification of activity and effectiveness against S. aureus and S. epidermidis, including antibiotic resistant strains, even against CA-MRSA! These proven kill claims are evidence of effectiveness that most competitors simply don’t have.MoldSTAT_16_c

MoldStat Plus

For big jobs or for frequent use, MoldStat Plus is a great choice as it is highly concentrated so one 16 ounce bottle goes a very long way. If you only need to clean and sanitize smaller areas, or need less frequent cleaning, then MoldStat Barrier, an easy ready-to-use formula may be for you. Either formula works great on hard, non-porous surfaces and is harmless to almost everything, including potentially delicate stone or grout work, surfaces which do not tolerate bleach or cleaners which contain it. These products can even be used on clothing, colorfast or not! MoldStat Plus products are also safe for use in kitchen and food service area disinfection and sanitization, and include specific instructions for use in these environments.



Another great option for frequent or large surface disinfection is Viraquard, an easy ready-to-use liquid that is also EPA certified as effective against Staphylococcus, including MRSA. And, if you are worried about personal disinfection, or the disinfection and sanitization of small shared surfaces, then Viraguard hand wipes are the perfect pocket or purse sized solution to everything from hands to shopping cart handles.

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