The Mold-Stat family of products includes both convenient ready to use formulas for small areas and quick jobs, as well as concentrates which are great if you have a large area to clean or need to clean frequently, such as is the case in healthcare settings.  Both formulas are equally effective against all strains and types of Serratia.  The choice is yours depending on your personal needs and situation.  The MoldStat family is safe for all surfaces, including potentially delicate surfaces such as stone or grouted tile, which must never come into contact with bleach or cleaners which contain it.  The MoldStat family of products is even safe for most non-colorfast items and in some cases can even be used in the laundry.  And, there is no heavy chemical disinfectant odor with the MoldStat family of products, which instead features a light pleasant fresh scent.  The MoldStat family of products is an excellent, EPA tested and certified solution to your concerns about potential contamination with disease causing Serratia as well as a wide range of other bacteria, viruses, and fungi including molds and yeasts.


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