Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)


RSV often occurs seasonally in what is known as the “respiratory season” among virologists. Usually this period, in North America, spans from November to April, although infections can occur outside this time period. RSV season coincides with influenza season and RSV is often spread in similar ways. However, unlike the seasonal influenza, there is no vaccine to prevent RSV infection.

RSV Prevention

Since there is no vaccine to prevent RSV, people, especially the parents and grandparents of young children, must rely on other means to help reduce the chance that their child, or they themselves, will become infected with RSV and potentially seriously ill. It may be impossible to completely avoid RSV, but it is certainly possible to help reduce the risk of transmission through frequent hand washing, the avoidance of obviously ill children by grandparents, and the thorough and complete disinfection of shared surfaces with a cleaner and disinfectant proven effective against RSV in laboratory tests, and ideally a cleaner and disinfectant that is certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as effective against RSV. Often people have trouble selecting a cleaner and disinfectant that is PROVEN effective against RSV, but fortunately, CleanerToday can make that decision easy by providing multiple proven and registered effective cleaners and disinfectants for both institutional and household use.mold-barrier-2T

The MoldStat Solution Options

MoldStat Barrier is a convenient, easy, and ready to use cleaner and disinfectant that is proven effective as registered with the EPA against RSV. One simply sprays, wipes, and eliminates RSV contamination on practically any household surface. While MoldStat Barrier is deadly to RSV, it is mild and safe for most any surface. And, perhaps best of all, MoldStat Barrier is a residual disinfectant, which means that it will continue to kill RSV on contact even hours later, even when the product has long since dried and been wiped away. This provides long-lasting and simple protection for you and your family without costly and time consuming repeat applications.


For institutions such as daycare facilities and healthcare facilities frequented by young children, or for large or frequent household cleaning and disinfecting, MoldStat Plus is a highly concentrated choice that has effectiveness equal to MoldStat Barrier. A little bit of this product goes a very long way and proves to be quite economical and convenient compared to other cleaners and disinfectants that may, or more likely do not, have the proven and registered effectiveness of the MoldStat family of products. And don’t worry about a heavy chemical smell since the MoldStat family features a light and pleasant scent. And both formulas are safe for practically any surface, even for fabrics and carpets.

The Viraguard Prevention Options

Another proven and registered effective option for disinfecting pre-cleaned surfaces, or for personal hand hygiene, available from CleanerToday is the Viraguard family of products. Viraguard is available in bulk quantities for the quick and effective disinfection and elimination of RSV, and many other pathogens, from many surfaces in both institutional and household settings. In addition, Viraguard is available in hand wipes for personal cleaning and also for a quick and easy means of disinfecting potentially contaminated surfaces, especially when away from home in environments likely to be contaminated, or when you are uncertain of the cleanliness of surfaces such as grocery cart handles, airplane seat armrests, doorknobs in a doctor’s office, or anywhere else you want a certain measure of protection.wipes1


Whichever option, or options, you choose as most ideal for your circumstances, a quick visit to provides an easy one-stop solution to your cleaning and disinfecting needs through their family of proven and EPA-registered effective infection prevention products.

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