Pure Green 24 – Residual Effect On Childrens Toys.

H1N1 Pure Green 24 Disinfectant – with Residual Cleaning Power

Looking for a Green Disinfectant has always been a challenge, especially when considering cleaning a toys, high chairs and the many other surfaces that children might chew on. But as we have mentioned before, Pure Green 24 surface disinfectant is completely safe for children, with the lowest possibly toxicity rating from the EPA. In fact at demonstrations, the developer of Pure Green 24 has sprayed the disinfectant in his mouth and swallowed to prove how harmless it is to people.

Pure Green 24 is strong on germs and that includes MRSA, Influenza A and H1N1 !

24 hour Germ Killing power

Perfect for Children’s Toys, Pure Green 24 keeps on killing for 24 hours after application! Clean the toys, today, and know that they will be clean all day!

Cleaning with Pure Green is Easy

The cleaning process couldn’t be easier!
First, wet the surface with PureGreen 24, and let stand 2 minutes for bacteria (including MRSA) or 10 minutes for Fungi and Viruses.

Second, it’s not even required, but you can wipe down the surface if you choose.

That’s it! Wet, Wait and germs, bacteria and viruses are history!

24 Hour Residual Cleaning power

Let the power of SDC silver ion formula keep surfaces safe for a full day!

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