MoldStat Plus is highly concentrated so a little amount cleans a very large area.  Conveniently, and completely unlike cleaners that include bleach, MoldStat Plus is safe for many surfaces including non-porous ones.  Best of all, Mold-Stat Plus it is no more difficult to use than other common household cleaners.  And those cleaners almost always lack the wide range of demonstrated effectiveness against multiple bacteria, viruses and fungi; effectiveness that MoldStat Plus has demonstrated and documented with the EPA!  Try MoldStat Plus today to remove and destroy odors, bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including potentially disease-causing Pseudomonas.



Another great option for frequent or large surface disinfection is Viraquard, an easy ready-to-use liquid that is also EPA certified as effective against Pseudomonas. And, if you are worried about personal disinfection, or the disinfection and sanitization of small shared surfaces, then Viraguard hand wipes are the perfect pocket or purse sized solution to everything from hands to shopping cart handles.

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