Campylobacter is a genus of bacteria which contains numerous species, at least 7 of which have been shown to infect and cause disease in humans.  These bacteria may also infect animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs, birds, and domestic pets such as cats and dogs.  Unlike many bacteria, and indeed most of the bacteria found […]

Proteus mirabilis and vulgaris

Proteus is the genus name of a relatively small group of bacteria consisting of only about four species that can cause disease in humans, although other Proteus species may exist that cause infection only in animals, or which exist in the environment without causing infection in any other organism.  Proteus species are generally members of […]

Burkholderia cepacia

Burkholderia cepacia is the name of a specific bacterium in the genus Burkholderia.  It is most common to refer to a group of related bacteria in this genus as Burkholderia complex instead of referring to individual species outside of diagnostic, research or infection control environments.  There are about 17 species that make up the complex […]

The Corynebacterium

Corynebacterium is the genus name of a large group of bacteria that includes many species.  In humans, for the most part, these bacteria are harmless and are normal inhabitants of our skin and intestinal tracts.  These types of “normal flora” are important in maintaining our health in that they can contribute to the digestion of […]

liquid hand sanitizer on a plane?

No liquid hand sanitizers allowed (in 3 ounces or more) past an airport security check point. So thinking with my wallet, I bought alcohol prep wipes and used them for weeks, until my hands cracked from the oils being stripped from them. A little investigation led to the use of virguard MRSA antibacterial hand wipes.. They contain a skin softener to prevent cracking and are a proven defense for virus and bacteria.

Pure Green 24 – Residual Effect On Childrens Toys.

Environmentally green disinfectant PURE GREEN 24 kills germs including superbug MRSA, and H1N1 swine flu. Pure Green 24 is Powered by Odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic Silver Ions with no fumes or skin irritation associated with other disinfectants. This strong disinfectant not only kills germs now, but it leaves a residual which keeps on killing for 24 hours. Perfect for Toys and objects that children come in contact with.

MRSA Prevention : Using MRSA Wipes

MRSA spreads lightning fast – Just watch the news It doesn’t take long find another report of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) appearing in a high school (where is called Community Associated MRSA or CA-MRSA), health facilities (where is called HA-MRSA), nursing homes or even day care. Watching these news reports just drive the question of […]