Alcohol Wipes

I discovered the hard way that my purel liquid hand sanitizer was over 3 ounces. Once that discovery was made, I decided to surf around for an alternative. I figured that alcohol wipes (like they use when you get a flu shot) would be a great germ killer. So when I landed in NYC I headed over to Duane Reade to get a box.

For the next 5 days on my business trip I used the wipes after riding the subway, take a taxi or touching elevator buttons. I was confident that I had found a low cost germ killer that TSA would not complain about.

On the flight home no issues, my alcohol wipes were not a liquid, and we both sailed through security. Several business trips went by and I started to notice a couple of my fingers were getting cracked.

A close friend is a dermatologist and when we were at dinner I was talking about my fingers and after a couple questions it turns out that the alcohol wipes were drying my fingers leading to the cracks.

Peg’s recommendation was to get a alcohol based wipe designed with a hand lotion (emollient) that would prevent the drying.

So back to the web until I found the Veridien individual hand wipes. The packet is ok for airplanes because there are no liquids, but the packet it self has a foil lining, so don’t carry it in your pocket or the metal detector will alarm. had the best pricing for 25 wipes…