Clean and Sanitize with MoldStat Plus

The home is the most common source of Listeria infections and an excellent choice of disinfectant and sanitizer for home use is MoldStat Plus.  MoldStat Plus is actually registered with the EPA to kill Listeria in laboratory tests that mimic the home environment.

Unlike many ready to use commercial cleaners, Mold-Stat Plus is highly concentrated so you are not spending money on lots of water.  And, a small amount can do a big job.  Unlike cleaners that include bleach, MoldStat Plus is safe for many surfaces.  You can use it to sanitize both hard, non-porous surfaces as well as items such as fabrics and kitchen towels, as well as utensils such as vegetable brushes used to clean potentially contaminated items.  MoldStat Plus won’t harm most items even if they are not colorfast.  It comes with specific instructions for use in food preparation environments such as home or commercial kitchens.

Most common household cleaners have not been tested by the EPA to prove their effectiveness against pathogens such as Listeria, as well as against many other common bacteria, viruses, and even fungi like mold as MoldStat Plus has been.  Try Mold-Stat Plus today to ensure that your food preparation areas are safe from the potential transmission of disease-causing bacteria such as Listeria.


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