Herpes Simplex Viruses

Viraguard hand wipes provide a convenient, easy to use, and easy to carry solution to concerns about shared surface contamination anywhere you may go, from grocery carts to public restrooms. The wipes are easy to use on most any surface including but certainly not limited to airplane armrests, public counters or any other shared surface. You can also use them directly on your hands after any contact with a potentially infected surface occurs. The special formulation of Viraguard is not only effective against a wide range of potential pathogens, including herpes family viruses, but it also contains a pleasant light scent and emollients that are safe and comforting for your hands. For institutions, including gyms, day care settings, schools, and any healthcare facility, as well as other large jobs, Viraguard is conveniently available in liquid bulk sizes. Simply spray and wipe, job done!


To kill herpes family viruses, along with a wide range of other disease causing organisms, on surfaces in the home as well as in public institutions, the MoldStat family of products is also EPA registered as proven effective. MoldStat Barrier comes in an easy ready to use formula that is ideal for home use on a routine basis in every room. For larger or more frequent jobs, MoldStat Plus is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. MoldStat Plus is safe for practically any household surface, so it is easy to disinfect your entire household for literally pennies per cleaning. And MoldStat Plus also features a light and pleasant scent which is in contrast to most very smelly commercial grade disinfectants.MoldSTAT-Plus-Mold-Killer

Herpes viruses can be hard to avoid but the folks at CleanerToday.com are ready to help prevent infections and potentially serious disease whenever and wherever you need. Give them a try today!

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