The Mold-Stat family of products includes both concentrates, great if you have a large area to clean or need to clean frequently, as well as convenient ready to use formulas that are just as effective against Enterococcus sp contamination.  The choice is yours depending on your personal needs and situation.  These products are safe for all surfaces, a feature that is not assured in other disinfectants, especially those containing bleach.  The MoldStat family of products is safe for even non-colorfast items and surfaces.  Many other so-called cleaners and disinfectants lack the EPA tested and demonstrated effectiveness of the MoldStat family against not only Enterococcus, but many other bacteria, viruses, and fungi including mold and yeast.  The MoldStat family of products even comes with a light and pleasant fragrance, not at all like a heavy “hospital smell” chemical.  Try the MoldStat family of products today, tested and EPA certified to give excellent results against even drug resistant disease causing members of the Enterococcus group of bacteria.


Another great option for frequent or large surface disinfection is Viraquard, an easy ready-to-use liquid that is also EPA certified as effective against Enterococcus, including VRE. And, if you are worried about personal disinfection, or the disinfection and sanitization of small shared surfaces, then Viraguard hand wipes are the perfect pocket or purse sized solution to everything from hands to shopping cart handles.

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