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Corynebacterium is the genus name of a large group of bacteria that includes many species.  In humans, for the most part, these bacteria are harmless and are normal inhabitants of our skin and intestinal tracts.  These types of “normal flora” are important in maintaining our health in that they can contribute to the digestion of food, the absorption of nutrients and they also occupy “human real estate” and deny space and nutrition to potentially harmful invader species of bacteria.



Not all Corynebacterium species are harmless however.  The most infamous species is Corynebacterium diphtheriae, the bacteria that causes the now rare disease diphtheria.  This is because of the widespread and vital vaccination of children against it with the DPT vaccine.  Many Americans have never heard of this devastating and frequently fatal infection of the respiratory tract but it once killed over 10,000 American children a year and further sickened hundreds of thousands!

Potentially Harmful

A handful of the other Corynebacterium species can sicken people who are severely immunocompromised due to other illnesses or due the side effects of medications used to treat other conditions, or due to advanced age.  Competent microbiological analysis can easily identify the Corynebacterium species capable of causing human illness.

There are several other Corynebacterium species that can sicken animals particularly goats and sheep.  It is possible, though not common, for these species to also infect and sicken humans who work closely with infected animals.  There are dedicated animal laboratories that specialize in identifying infections such as these in animals.

Smelly Stuff

While not life-threatening, one species of Corynebacterium, C. striatum, may contribute to offensive human underarm and/or foot odor.

Elimination and Disinfection

MoldStat Plus, an easy to use mold-killer and general disinfectant, has demonstrated and EPA-registered effectiveness against Corynebacterium, specifically demonstrated against C. ammoniagenes.  While disease-causing Corynebacterium are uncommon in the general environment, Corynebacterium contamination can be a marker for unresolved contamination with human waste material (C. ammoniagenes is a specific marker for fecal contamination) that it is necessary to resolve in settings such as hospitals and nursing facilities, but which is also potentially desirable to remove in settings such as homes, schools or gyms.  MoldStat Plus is highly concentrated so a little amount cleans a very large area; it is safe for many surfaces including both porous and non-porous surfaces.  MoldStat Plus it is no more difficult to use than other common household cleaners that lack the wide range effectiveness against multiple bacteria, viruses and fungi that MoldStat Plus is demonstrated and EPA-registered to destroy!  And, MoldStat Plus leaves behind a mild, clean, and pleasant scent instead of an industrial disinfectant odor.  Try MoldStat Plus today to remove and destroy odors, bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including odor and disease causing Corynebacterium!