For frequent or large scale cleaning in the home, or in childcare institutions, schools, pediatrics or obstetrics offices, or any other places that children and/or pregnant women are commonly found, Viraguard is available in bulk quantities that are easy and ready to use. Simply spray, wipe, and CMV particles, along with many other potentially dangerous organisms, are gone. Viraguard is not only easy to use, but in bulk sizes it is very economical while still being highly effective. And, as already mentioned, hand wipes are excellent for on the go cleaning and disinfecting of not only hands, but also shared surfaces such as toys during a play date, grocery store cart seats and handles, car seats, or any other surface that is touched by children and potentially contaminated.Viraguard Gallon

While CMV can be hard to avoid in the world, it is essential that pregnant women and immune compromised people do all that they can to help reduce the risk. Visit to take a look at all the different ways they can help you to reduce your risk for disease and infection through their complete line of Viraguard, and other brands, of cleaners and disinfectants today!

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