Stress may also play a role in this infection. Symptoms are usually obvious with itching and burning in the area, but if you have never experienced a Candida infection vaginally before, you should always consult a physician about it to be certain that the symptoms are not being caused by something else. The symptoms of a Candida infection can be similar to other, potentially more serious, infections. Women with diabetes may be more likely to suffer from vaginal yeast infections. If you do have a vaginal Candida infection, there are simple medications that will help cure it.

Male Genital Infections with Candida

Candida can also cause infections in the male genital area, usually under the foreskin of uncircumcised men. Candida 3

This condition is easily prevented through regular foreskin hygiene. The foreskin should routinely be retracted and the head of the penis gently cleaned. This is most easily done in the shower or bath. However, one should not attempt to forcibly retract the foreskin if it won’t move easily since this could cause injury. The foreskin of young males, generally until the onset of puberty, does not retract and it should not be attempted. If the foreskin remains unretractable after puberty, it is probably wise to consult a physician as to the potential causes. Candida infection of the foreskin is usually visible as a white growth, there will likely be itching and pain, as well as a yeasty smell. This problem can be especially common in diabetic men. If in doubt, consult a doctor.

“Treating” Candida

In extreme cases, it is possible for Candida to cause internal infections or even blood stream infections. These are incredibly rare and only happen in people who are seriously ill for other reasons. A test that diagnoses Candida externally, in the mouth, or intestines, does not mean you have an internal Candida problem. The vast majority, if not all, of the so-called Candida remedies that are sold in health food stores and on the Internet are simply scams designed to play on common fears and misconceptions about Candida. These so-called treatments are not likely to actually do anything other than cost money and in some cases, they might even be harmful. You should not use “treatments” not prescribed by a licensed physician and such medications must have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval as safe and effective. If you look carefully on most all so-called “Candida treatments” you will find a disclosure admitting that these substances have not been tested and approved by the FDA to do anything. Buyer beware!

Candida in the Environment

While it is possible for Candida to be passed from person to person, almost always through sexual contact with a person actively suffering from a Candida overgrowth, other person-to-person transmission, or transmission through shared surfaces is either very rare or non-existent. Given that, why would it be important to eliminate Candida from household or institutional surfaces? The reason is simple. The presence of Candida on environmental surfaces may not pose an infection risk, but it does serve as a marker for surface contamination with body fluids such as urine and genital secretions. These are not usually fluids that most people want to have remaining in their environment for simple hygiene and cleanliness reasons. The use of a cleaner and disinfectant that is proven to eliminate Candida and other organisms provides an extra measure of certainty in the effectiveness of routine cleaning and disinfecting, especially in institutional and clinical settings. However, because it is unusual for most household, or even institutional, cleaners and disinfectants to undergo the rigorous Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required testing and certification process to prove that they can eliminate Candida, it can be difficult to know for certain that a product is effective. However, this is easy when shopping at

MoldStat Solutions to Candida Contamination

MoldStat Barrier is an easy, convenient, and ready to use cleaner and disinfectant that is proven effective as registered with the EPA against Candida albicans. You simply spray, wipe, and Candida contamination is eliminated on practically any household surface. While MoldStat Barrier is deadly to Candida, it is mild and safe for most any surface. And, perhaps best of all, MoldStat Barrier is a residual disinfectant, which means that it will continue to kill Candida on contact even hours later, after the product has long since dried or been wiped away. This provides long-lasting and simple protection for you and your family without costly and time consuming repeat applications.

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