Blood-Borne Pathogens

Viraguard Gallon

Viraguard Solutions to Blood-Borne Pathogen Contamination

Fortunately, the folks at have an easy to use solution in the form of the Viraguard family of products! Viraguard, which has undergone the rigorous testing and certification process required by the EPA to demonstrate its effectiveness against blood-borne pathogens is an excellent solution to any blood-borne pathogen disinfection need. It comes in a convenient bulk size for large jobs or for frequent cleanings which are a daily occurrence in institutions of all sizes.


And, for personal and portable protection, Viraguard is also available in a hand wipe format so that effective prevention against possible environmental exposure to a blood-borne pathogen is always available in purse or pocket. Both solutions are ideal for their respective situations and anyone could benefit from having both available in the home, office, and/or institution. Visit to learn more about Viraguard today!

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